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  • Short term insurance
    Domestic personal lines insurance consisting out of personal vehicles, household, structural and all risk insurance. In a nutshell you can insure the car you drive, the furniture in your house, the actual structure of the house, jewelry, cell phones etc.

  • Commercial and business insurance
    A Taylor-made policy for the private business owner or corporate company. This generally include items such as stock in trade, cash on the premises, glass, business interruption, company vehicles, computer equipment and other electronic equipment. There are also a number of specialized liability covers protecting the business against all sorts of liabilities.

  • Life and Risk assurance
    Life insurance is probably the most common form of long-term insurance in the industry. A clear-cut policy insuring the life of the policyholder in the case of death. Cover is normally taken out to protect your love ones against debt and loss of income from the insured after his/her death.

  • Disability and income protection
    This insures the future potential to earn an income. A disability policy insures the policy holder for a lump sum to be paid in the case that he/she are declared disable to work and earn an income. A more complicated policy with various options and extended cover. Permanent disability as a lump sum or temporarily disability as a monthly payout is available.  

  • Health care and medical insurance
    Health care and medical insurance in the most commonly used insurance in the world. This policy provides cover for health expenses and health benefits. From doctor appointments to major surgical procedures. A complicated policy with various options and range of benefits.

  • Retirement planning
    The proses of ensuring that you have adequate financial resources to retire and function financially independent after you have retired and no longer earn an income. This is unfortunately not provided for adequately in most cases. You need to save a substantial percentage of your pre retirement income monthly. With the rise in living expenses people keep on postponing to and are then unable to make up the lost time. Something that needs to be addressed as soon as you start working. Annuities and endowments are the two main vehicles used.

  • Estate planning
    The structuring of your estate and will. The emphasis is on cash flow and the availability of cash to ensure liquidity in the estate. Tax implications are addressed.

  • Investments
    A very volatile and specialized industry. With short, medium and long term goals, investments can serve numerous purposes but are mainly aimed at creating a nest egg to be used for major financial expenses such as, education, debt release and retirement.